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Apple Watch - Measure heart rate


Ebb strives to suppress the feelings of anxiety millions of Americans face every day.

Using the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, Ebb will actively check for your heart rate to spike under the right conditions — an indicator that you are stressed or facing anxiety.

Ebb then follows three steps: Evaluate. Breathe. Begin.

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• Ebb constantly evaluates your heart rate to see if you are anxious
• Once your heart rate spikes, Ebb will let you choose how to relax:


• Counter your anxiety using exercises similar to Apple's Breathe app
• Perform deep breathing to ease your body and mind into relaxation


• Center your thoughts as Ebb begins to guides you through your anxiety
• Use a variety of scientifically-proven techniques to calm your mind


Realities of Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States, yet is rarely treated.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. Small amounts of anxiety can be beneficial in situations — helping you to focus your attention on crucial tasks or re-evaluate your plan or circumstance.

However, anxiety can become excessive to the point it controls your day-to-day life.

That's where Ebb comes in.

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Helps you get out of your mind when your mind is controlling you.


Uses calming techniques that are backed with evidence to put your mind at ease.

Runs seamlessly in the background

You don't have to seek help when you're anxious. Ebb will continuously check your heart rate in the right conditions and only help when you need it.

1 percent Americans have anxiety
1 percent American college students felt overwhelming anxiety in 2015
1 million Americans affected by anxiety
#1 Most common mental disorder in America

The App

Designed to support you through all the ebbs and flows in life.

Apple Watch

Discover when you're feeling anxious and let Ebb guide you through the steps to relaxation.

  • Constantly monitor your heart rate to determine when you become stressed
  • Send gentle notifications when you are feeling anxious
  • Walk you through six exercises — including yoga, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises — proven to relieve your stress
  • Use the built-in heart rate monitor when you're entering stressful situations so you get immediate notifications of heart rate spikes
  • Calculates your average, minimum and maximum heart rates for a past time period of your choice


Go beyond just recovering from anxiety attacks. Learn from your stress patterns by tracking them in journal and discover why they occured so you can prevent them in the future.

  • Log in a journal what happened at the time of your anxiety attack and talk out ways to avoid feeling anxiety in this situation again
  • Adjust your notification settings to choose when Ebb will notify you of a heart rate spike
  • Read detailed information of how Ebb works to alleviate your anxiety

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